​Resources for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

​Outfox Magazine for Autistic Kids

Children who have diagnoses such as ADHD, FAS, SPD, ODD, and ADD will also benefit from the directed content.

Neurotypical children will benefit as they see neurodiversity celebrated and come to recognize the positive aspects of differences. Outfox although designed with ASD in mind will aid all readers to be more accepting towards neurodiversity. 

PRESENTING ... the first issue of OUTFOX MAGAZINE!

Why adapt material?  We custom-created Outfox for your ASD child. 

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How Is Outfox Magazine Different from Other Kids' Magazines?


It's a happy, happy magazine!"

                - Reader, S.K.

There's nothing like it out there.

                - A. Poon, Counsellor & Therapist 

This is a fantastic magazine! As an educator, I appreciate not only the well-thought out graphics and colour themes, but the content. As a magazine that appeals to children and students on the autism spectrum, I fully appreciate the content revolving around social cues and emotional/mental health. With anxiety on the rise in all children, I believe that this magazine will not only appeal to children on the autism spectrum, but to all students, making it an inclusive publication! Well done, and my wish would be that this magazine becomes a mainstay publication in all schools! Congratulations!

                - Daria Gimon, Elementary Teacher (Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB, Ontario, Canada)

My son will LOVE the comics. And he'll really love getting his own mail.

               - A.B., mother of autistic 8-year-old

My favourite page is p 24 about “Skip.” Her story is relevant for children reading about her. The article states what she found difficult with a possible solution. It is well done. The Peer Advisory Team testimonials are spot-on. What great, positive comments for readers on the Spectrum to digest and make their own. I would recommend this magazine.

               - Stan Taylor, Retired Science Teacher