When autism comes into your home, your whole world shifts.

As the prevalence of Autism continues to rise, more parents join in the battle to beat the odds, raise awareness, and raise children who have healthy self-esteem, who don't feel left out, different, or alienated. Outfox Magazine is an empowerment tool for the ASD child.

Hi, I'm Jackie Reed. I'm an author, a business school graduate, and a mom - an Autism mom.

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​Resources for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Story of Outfox

Outfox is designed for children who have cognitive ages between 8 & 12 years old. Outfox is highly visual, nurturing, and fun with lots of fun facts, puzzles and jokes. 

We have created a monthly magazine devoted to - and custom created for - kids with ASD.

Outfox magazine is packed with fun, facts, puzzles, and jokes. It subtly builds in life skills and encourages healthy choices. It is configured to entertain as ASD kids get enough corrections, don't you think? Outfox is about building and encouraging community.

​Outfox Magazine for Autistic Kids

Hi, I'm Jackie Brown. I'm bringing 25 years of experience in educational publishing to this very necessary project.

What Makes Outfox Different?

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